Digital Persuasion:
Ignite Your Social Influence

Best Audience: Event Marketers, Experiential Agency Professionals, and Association Marketers

Do you feel like getting your event to stand out in the loud- check that- ROARING world of social media has become an almost impossible challenge? If you have noticed that your social media content isn’t driving the conversations or conversions that it used to- it’s because it’s not enough to show or tell a great event story on social media anymore. Persuading attendees to engage with your event on social media requires a strategy for not just WHAT event story you are sharing: but WHO is sharing it.

Digital influence has colossally shifted from brands and celebrities to micro and everyday influencers. This balance of power has disrupted even the smartest social strategies and demands a fresh approach to redefine why, where, and how your social media efforts will deliver the registrations, shares, and awareness you need. 

The power of digital persuasion is about MUCH more than Kardashians and tens of thousands of dollars on sponsored Instagram posts. Erin's talk helps today's event marketing pro reimagine your current social strategy to ignite the power of your macro, micro and everyday influencer messaging in an authentic, transformative way. 

It’s time to move from “right message, right time, right person” to “real message, real time, real person”. Using Erin’s dynamic, first-hand live event case studies, and her simple digital persuasion equation— you will leave empowered and equipped to attract attention, increase influence and market your event more effectively.

Learning Objectives:

  • Why social influence has shifted from brands to individuals- and what you can do about it
  • How to digitally differentiate your content on even the loudest social platforms
  • How to find and engage your most effective social ambassadors authentically
  • How to measure and illustrate social influencer marketing success
  • Psychology principles behind social influence
  • The one thing all digitally persuasive content has in common
  • The biggest influencer marketing mistake everyone makes- and how to avoid it
  • Predictions on the future of social marketing- and how you can prepare for it

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Katie Murphy

"Erin inspired over 300 of our top brand and association clients to think differently about how they use social media to amplify their their biggest events. She was the perfect mix of entertainment, education and most of all- ENERGY!"

-Katie Murphy, Director of Global Sales at Hilton Worldwide